About Us

The fastest growing and winningest organization in esports history

Ember Esports first came onto the scene in 2011 mostly competing in Gamebattles tournaments and local lans. It wasn't until 2015 that they began to gain some notoriety. After defeating Faze Clan at CoD Champs and claiming the $1,000,000 prize the organization began to grow. Soon they added a top ten CS:GO and top twenty League of Legends team. Since then we have competed all over the world capturing ten major tournament wins and over $10 million in prize money.

In 2018 Ember will be participating in seven major esports: Call of Duty, CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2, Rocket League and Gears of War. Ember has teamed up with investors to represent the State of Arkansas in the first season of the Overwatch League. #TeamEmber


  • Brandon Hatfield

    OWNER / Chief Executive Officer

    Brandon Hatfield, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Elevate, is an accomplished leader and manager of esports organizations and teams, with prior professional gaming experience and formal business training. Brandon carries a keen ability to recognize top-tier talent and specializes in bringing in new players who excel at a professional level, and an innate ability to bring a diversity of players together as a cohesive team. Now managing a large-scale esports organization, Brandon’s role as CEO involves setting the strategic direction for Elevate, brokering the many business dealings with other companies, and managing the top-level structure of the organization.

  • Robert Wells

    Chief Administrative Officer

    Rob “Mao” Wells is far from a newcomer in competitive, professional gaming. Starting the arcades with fighting games such as Tekken in the mid 90's, then as a longstanding player in the Halo series, Mao has multiple years’ experience in BTB and MLG, and has coached several Halo and Titanfall teams to high-level standings and tournament finishes. Now as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for Elevate, Mao is responsible for many day-to-day administrative activities for Elevate, including contracts, budgeting, and human resources.

  • Collin Rudd

    Chief Brand Officer

    Collin "Parse" Ruud has been a gamer for as long as first-person shooters have existed, really the only advantage to being in his 30s. From Wolfenstein 3D up through World of Tanks, he has strived for high-quality play, earning his way into competitive Planetside 2 play and later joining the Elevate staff. As Chief Brand Officer (CBO), Parse ensures high-quality brand identity, cohesiveness, consistent written communications, and serves as chief public relations officer. Email Parse at collin@elevate.gg for all press requests and communication.

  • Michael Bramley

    Chief Operating Officer

    Michael Bramley is an Esports professional with 4 years industry experience hailing from Philadelphia. Having worked for professional teams including Clarity Gaming, Flipsid3 Tactics, and now Elevate, Mike knows the ins and outs of the professional gaming space with a specific background in player management, team operations and digital marketing. Mike is also the co-founder of XMOTA, a creative esports and gaming consultancy agency with a focus on connecting brands with millennial gamers.